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Genuine English Chamois Polishing Pads

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Chamois Polishing Pad, pack of 3, #9914,
3" Diameter: 

Our Genuine English Chamois Polishing Pads are the most luxurious way to polish away finger prints, grease and dust from your camera body, lens housing, cell phone, laptop surface, and other similar surfaces without using water or liquid cleaners.  Simply buff the surface with the Chamois side to achieve an amazingly clean finish.  The black memory foam provides a comfortable grip for your fingers.

* Not recommended for cleaning camera lens element surfaces.  We recommend cleaning lens elements with single use wipes only as any reusable wipe can harbour tiny particles that could damage the precious camera lens surface. 
* Hand wash with soap and water and pat dry.  Note: Genuine English Chamois will feel somewhat dried-out after washing and drying. Gently fluff with a clean scrub brush to bring back the soft, fluffy texture. A dried-out feeling is completely normal after washing and drying given Genuine English Chamois is made without any chemicals or additives. 
* Heavier grease and oils can permanently stain the Chamois surface. 
* Not recommended for rough surfaces as Chamois particles could get stuck on the surface. 
* If your Chamois Polishing Pad is not working well after using for sometime, try washing it with soap and water.  Grease built up within the Chamois will affect the cleaning abilities. Make sure it's thoroughly rinsed and dried.  

Tip: use the humidity from your mouth to help remove stubborn smudges from shiny surfaces. 

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