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Face Shield - Headband and Visor System: 1 Headband and 3 Visors

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Health Canada Approved
About our Face Shield System: 
BLUESTAR Face Shield is a 2 part system - A) 1 Headband; B) 3 Visors

1) Fully adjustable Velcro Headband - Personal washable/ reusable. Padded with one inch thick foam for comfort.  Clean with water and press dry with a towel.  
2) Crystal Clear Visor - Cleanable/ reusable/ disposable. Attaches to the Headband with Velcro tabs.  Simply press Headband onto the Visor while flat or, attach the Visor while wearing the Headband.   Additional replacement visors are $2.00 each. 

Face Shields help reduce the spread of viruses in 3 obvious ways: 
1) A Face Shield deters you from touching your face - you'll think twice before touching your eyes or your nose or mouth.
2) If you cough or sneeze, fewer droplets will land on surfaces or spread through the air.
3) If someone sneezes or coughs at you, your shield can protect your face from direct exposure.

- Viruses are easily transmitted through your nose, eyes or mouth with hand contact.  Your mucous membranes are a direct gateway into your body. Wash your hands before touching your face. 
- Covid-19 is not an airborne virus, but contaminated saliva droplets can carry the virus a few feet away from an infected person and land onto surfaces.  Most sneeze/ cough droplets will settle onto surfaces within 3 seconds and live there for hours or possibly a day or two (many factors affect how long viruses live on surfaces).