Single Slot Cinema Filter Case - 11 colors available, 4 sizes

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Bluestar Single Slot Cinema Filter Case
Made out of our most luxurious non abrasive Ultrasuede, inside and out.  Padded with protective memory foam to absorb shock and give your filter a good chance of surviving an unlikely event of a drop.  Securely stays closed with velcro fasteners. Holds glass or plastic filters. The Cadillac of filter pouches; or perhaps in Europe, the Rolls Royce of filter pouches. 
Optional Features
Choose one feature and please indicate in the notes section when placing your order. If you don't make a choice, the default is A: 

A) Velcro Strip (female) - to attach indicator label across the top of the pouch
B) Clear Pocket on front - to hold label card
C) Clear Pocket on top - to hold label card
D) None of the above

Current Filter Sizes
1. 6 x 6 (6.6x6.6)
2. 4 x 4
3. 4 x 5.6
4. 138 mm round filter

Gear Skins
Made in Canada

New for 2019 - Multipacks. Saves you a bit of money and saves us a bit of packaging.