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Drawstring Bag - Natural Ultrasuede

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Wrap your valuables in our 9" x 9" Luxurious Natural Ultrasuede Drawstring Bag.  Handmade in Canada by the Bluestar Team with our luxurious Ultrasuede. Pulling both handles away from each other tightly closes the 2 dimensional design. Fully washable and breathable.  Will not scratch the most delicate surfaces.  Like all of our products, Quality and Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Please treat it well and take care of it - it can be destroyed if you try. If you need to know if something specific will fit before you order, let us know and we will measure for you. 

Special note: When opening the bag, please pull it open at the points where the strings feed into the bag.  If you pull it open any other way, you might quickly wear it out. 

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