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1. Which Eyecushion is best for cold climate use?

For cold climate use, our Fleece, Ultrasuede, Chamois and Bamboo can all be used. However, our best cold climate choice is Fleece since it draws heat away from your face slower than other materials thus feeling warmer against your skin.  

2. How long can an Eyecushion be used?

You have a demanding job to do, either behind the camera or supporting that person.  It requires much skill, patience, and endurance.  Our mission is to enhance your experience in a small way by providing an accessory which immediately improves sanitation and comfort for the Operator on the shoot.

Notes for Camera Assistants
To protect the Camera-Operator's eye, we recommend the Camera Assistant to change to a new Eyecushion at least daily. We recommend changing the Eyecushion more often if:

Explaining to crew members the importance of protecting the Camera Operator's eye will definitely be appreciated by your Camera Operator. Eye infections are extremely contagious----don't compromise the Camera Operator's comfort and safety by letting him or her use a sweaty or dirty eyecushion. On set, do all you can to keep your Operator's eyes free of grime and bacteria by conscientiously changing your Bluestar eyecushion as needed. 

Notes for Camera Owner Operators
If you are a camera owner/ operator, you can get away with using your Bluestar eyecushion for a much longer period if only you will be pressing your eye against the eyecushion.  Keep in mind that eyecushions are designed to provide a clean, sanitary and comfortable surface for your eye. Think about this - you probably have more than one pair of socks and underwear and you most likely put on a fresh pair everyday. Your eyes are critical to your job success and we hope you will put on a new or freshly washed Eyecushion everyday too. 

3. What is Chamois?

Bluestar Chamois is natural oil-tanned sheepskin which we import from England. We use English Chamois exclusively because of the manufacturing standard, cleanliness and superior absorption. Please be aware of counterfeit chamois which cannot guarantee cleanliness, health safety and quality.

4. What is Ultrasuede®?

Ultrasuede is an extremely soft, synthetic chamois material that has excellent sweat-absorption qualities. Our top-quality Ultrasuede is manufactured in Japan and is colorfast.

Definition of colorfast:  having color that retains its original hue without fading or running.

5. Can Eyecushions be washed?

Eyecushions can be washed and reused, but only for your own use. Care must be taken to rinse and dry the Eyecushion thoroughly. Eyecushions are designed for one-time-use given that that they protect the Camera Operator's eye from dirt and infections and provide superior comfort. As the Camera Assistant on set, it's your responsibility to make sure the Camera Operator is using a clean, fresh Eyecushion. Keep this in mind - change your Eyecushion as you change your socks and underwear. 

6. Where are Bluestar Eyecushions made?

Every Bluestar Eyecushion is made by the Bluestar Team in Toronto, Ontario, Canada under our close supervision.  All of our Eyecushions are made in our own factory. Not a single Eyecushion is outsourced and this has remained the same since the beginning in 1984.

7. How do I know which Bluestar Eyecushion fits which camera?

The easiest way to figure that out is search for your camera or eyecup in our site or use our Sizing Chart found in this link. Some cameras and viewfinders can use quite a few different Eyecushion models and this overlap can be very confusing at times. If you need help choosing which Eyecushion will fit your needs the best, email us for a super quick response. Also,  if you can't even find your camera or eyecup, please contact us and we will help you to verify which Eyecushion fits.

8. What are the different industry names for Eyecushions?

Eyecushions have many different names in the Film Industry. Some of the names are: eyecup chamois; viewfinder cover; eyecup cover; eye cushion; viewfinder eye cushion; eye chamois; eyechamois; viewfinder eyecup; viewfinder eyecup chamois; camera viewfinder Eyecushion; camera viewfinder eyecup chamois; camera chamois.

9. How are Bluestar Eyecushions made?

Every Bluestar Eyecushion is carefully hand made by the Bluestar Team.

10. What if we don't have an Eyecushion or Headphone Cushy to fit your eyecup or headphone? 

Let us know that you are having trouble finding a fit for your eyecup or headphone and we will make and Eyecushion or Headphone Cushy for you - at our regular price. 

11. Which currency will you be billed with ?  

USD is the currency used throughout our website. However, if you are ordering from Canada you can choose CAD as your billing currency. 

12. Why is there a hole at the top of my Eyecushion bag ? 

Every Bluestar bag has a small hole at the top of the bag to allow venting to occur and to allow the package to hang in a store. As long as the package is not dragged through the dirt or opened, you can consider the Eyecushion to be sanitary. 

13. Why are there so many color choices ? 

Bluestar has the widest range of Eyecushion colors on Earth to help match the unique style of nearly everyone who uses an eyecup. If you feel you can't find a color that suits you, ask!  We may have something up our sleeves that isn't yet in the market. 

14. Why are there so many Bluestar Eyecushion styles ? 

Bluestar has the widest range of Eyecushion styles on Earth to fit nearly every eyecup on Earth. If we don't have one that fits your eyecup, we will make one. And we have done this many times including a specially made Eyecushion for the Soviet Union made Krasnogorsk-3 (K3)!  This was a real challenge, but the Cinematographer got his custom made Eyecushion within a few days with time to spare before his shoot. 

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