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Eyecushion Help

To Determine which Eyecushion fits your Eyecup, please use the search bar located at the top left corner of our site to find your camera. The search function is quite sensitive towards camera specifics such as F55, EVF, DCR-SD1000 etc, so if you have trouble finding your camera we recommend using vague searches such as Canon; Sony; Red etc. and sort through the sizes until you find your specific camera model. 

If you manage to find a Bluestar Eyecushion that fits your camera/ viewfinder, we recommend emailing us a pic of your eyecup (with dimensions of some sort if possible) to confirm the fit before placing your order given there are plenty of aftermarket eyecups. 

If you can't find your camera or viewfinder listed on our site, please email us and we will determine the best fit for you. 

Special Note regarding ARRI and Blackmagic: 

ARRI Alexa, ARRI Mini, ARRI Amira, and Blackmagic URSA have nearly the same size rubber eyecup which fits various Bluestar Eyecushions. Typical styles that are used are: 
Oval Extra Small; Oval Small; Oval Large; Round Small; Round Large; Mid Round; ARRI Special.

If you are a new Bluestar Eyecushion user, this creates a lot of confusion when deciding which one to use on ARRI and Blackmagic viewfinders. For the most custom fit, we recommend using our Oval Extra Small style or ARRI Special style. While the comfort level of all our Eyecushions is nearly identical and any style can be argued to be the most comfortable, for ARRI and Blackmagic, our unique ARRI Special style #3014 is the easiest to attach and provides the most secure fit. Our Oval Extra Small #6010 is a more conventional style that also attached easily and provides a secure fit. 

Some additional notes regarding which Eyecushion to use for ARRI and Blackmagic: 

- If you prefer a non-directional round style that is easier to attach, our Round Large #2012 is perfect.
- If you want a directional round style that fits a bit tighter, our Mid Round is perfect #7011. 
- If you want our most comfortable oval style with unique look and the most secure fit, our ARRI Special #3014 is perfect
- If you want an Oval that is easy to put on and feels great, our Oval Small #6011 is perfect. 
- If you want an Oval with a tighter fit, our Oval Extra Small #6010 is perfect. 

If you need more help, please email us and we can help you decide which is best for you.

Some additional notes regarding which Eyecushion to use for all Red Digital Cameras:

For all Red Digital Cameras--- you can use our Red Cam Special #3011 or our Round Extra Small #2010#2010 is our traditional design and #3011 is our new "Special" design.  Both are very comfortable, but our #3011 is more comfortable and hangs on much better.

- search words for Red: 

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