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Oval Ultra Small Eyecushion- #6009

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Oval Extra Small Viewfinder Eyecushion #6010, 95mm x 77mm :
Our newly designed our new Oval Extra Small Eyecushion to specifically fits the needs of Alexa operators. Our new #6010 goes on easily and conforms perfectly to the oval eyecup shape. 
The design is nearly the same as our Oval Small, but the size is smaller for a custom fit. Currently offered in 9 Ultrasuede colors and in Genuine English Chamois. Please email us if you want a color not shown here. 


Compatible with:  
1. All newer ARRI Eyecups such as Alexa, Amira, Mini.
2. All Blackmagic eyecups similar in shape to the Alexa
3. Other similar eyecups